Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Everybody, Everywear: Pastels

Pastels | Everybody, Everywear

Cardigan and dress: maurices
Shoes: Lauren Conrad via Kohls

If this is not the cutest dress you've ever seen, I don't know where you are shopping. I seriously fell head over heels for it the moment it was delivered to my store.

I'm not really a fan of pastels but yellow and green are different. Yellow reminds me of a chicken. I love eggs so I love my chicken friends. Green reminds me of leprechauns and I am part Irish so I do believe in luck. These colors make me happy and they go together very, very well.

Back to this outfit ... What are your thoughts? Does the brown work? Would you wear a different color shoe or accessorize differently?

Thanks for stopping by ... Next time I appear, I'll announce where I've been and what I've been busy doing.


  1. I am digging the brown shoes...
    A lot...
    And the dress is uber cute!!

  2. Oh I forgot to tell you...
    I nominated you for a major award.
    Check it out.

  3. Yes, I'm dying to know where you've been! ;)

  4. I love that green striped dress. Very pretty!

  5. Love that yellow and green color combo. The dress is great, so is the cardi. Lovely!

    Cathy@Unsafe Fishes and Sea Foods that You May Find Delicious

  6. What a cut outfit! Love the shoes!

    Now I have a new blog now!
    XOXO Mina

  7. Hey I just followed. What a cute outfit!

    Would appreciate it if you checked out my blog