Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer rants and summer fashion.

I'm alive. But man oh man, has this whole blogging thing changed in two little months. I had a friend request that I get back to this. Thanks friend. I do intend to return to this whole blogging thing it's just that so much is going on. What is going on you might ask? Let me tell you!

Two months ago my husband was offered an amazing new job for an amazing company six hours from our current living location. The positives are that it's a perfect new job opportunity for him. It's also back in our home area so we'll be able to spend many moments with our siblings, parents, nieces, nephews, and best friends. The negatives are that his job started nearly seven weeks ago leaving me alone in this big old northern state. It's been a wild seven weeks. I've been through the most emotional times of my life within these six weeks which have reminded me of my faith and how thankful I am that my God is bigger than everything I am going through. But, I've made it. This is my last weekend here in New Hampshire and next weekend I'll be spending a few wonderful days with my husband while we find a place to settle, temporarily.

It is so bittersweet to leave my new best friends behind, to leave my adorable little home empty, and to leave behind the job I worked so hard at making successful. But I am confident that the relationships I have made will remain true even 400 miles away. I will find a job that makes me feel even more confident and content than I was. And, as far as where I'll live ... that will also fall into place because my God is good and He will answer my prayers according to His plan.

So what is new on the horizon for this blog? Well, my photog will be back! I have so many fabulous outfit creations to share I can hardly even hold it all in. In the meantime I will post a few pictures that might inspire you until next time ...

On to summer fashion. It's so easy. That's the best thing about getting dressed for the summer. There is one important thing to remember. Less is more, but sometimes too little will look sloppy. If you're interested in wearing your favorite tank and a cute pair of denim shorts, well unless you're going to the park with your kids, don't wear a pair of foam flip flops. It just looks sloppy. Add some accessories. Wear a shoe with structure. Do something that makes it look like you tried.

A few trends that I love and I've featured in my photos are the following: The hi-low hem, the romper, and color blocking.

Let's start with the hi-low hem. It's so so trendy and such a great silhouette for almost any woman. It's all over the runways, in high end fashion, in nearly every store. It truly is classy.

The romper is NOT a great silhouette for any woman but those that are willing to try it out, watch your shoe. Too casual and you look like you have no idea what you're doing. I have to jump off tangent and tell you I hate the thought process that some women have when they feel like they'll be TOO dressed up. Ladies, there is no such thing as getting too dressed up. I mean seriously, what will people say when they see you too dressed up? "Oh, she looks good!" Or, "I love her outfit!" Or, "I wonder where she just came from?" Just do it! Get dressed as if every day you intend to walk out of your home thinking, "Dang, I look good!"

Lastly, the color blocking trend continues and the shades are so amazing even into the summer. Experiment and I bet it works! And if you need to ensure it does work, add the accessories to make it work.


 Happy shopping and thanks for reading! <3,V

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  1. I've been thinking about you and keeping you strongly in my prayers! I decided to pop in and see if you'd posted. :)
    I admire your outlook and am cheering for you as you take on this new adventure! Can't wait for your next posts! Sending lots of love your way.
    And as always...beautiful clothes, pieces and lady wearing them!