Friday, November 25, 2011

Isn't this skirt adorable?

All clothing and jewelry: maurices
Shoes: Fergie @Famous Footwear

I absolutely hate the color purple. I can literally vow to you that there is no existing purple apparel in my wardrobe. But, I saw this skirt and thought, "oh yes!" Upon deciding I fell in love, I had to quickly decide what it would pair perfectly with. A cardigan of course? Black please!! What, I don't own a black cardigan? Check! Now I do!! Hello black cardigan. These are your roommates... a pink, teal, tan, two animal print, brown, and mauve cardigan friends. Hope you like your new home. I am going to wear you until I realize you're no longer black. No really, I am!

Hope your black friday was perfectly successful.



  1. Love the skirt with the black cardigan and the boots... I like the first pic... you look very nice.