Tuesday, November 22, 2011

When in doubt, belt it out.

Sweater: H&M
Shirt: maurices
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity
Bag: maurices
Shoes: maurices

Not everyone can belt a sweater. Honestly, I probably could have done without all the extra fluff today too. But, I fell in love with this adorable number at H&M the other day and I had to have it. It didn't look great without a belt and I had the perfect belt for the outfit so I managed to create a look that is SO me and so comfy. If you've never "belted" an outfit before, start with a chunky belt and start lower around your waist than higher. Experiment. Belts don't work for everyone but when you figure it out I guarantee you'll want become a collector (ie: hoarder).

Happy Belt shopping.

PS: Sorry about the photos, and the trashcan opt-in. At 10 pm at night, it's nearly an impossibility to find a good place to take a pic.


  1. Im not a good candidate for the belt it out movement :(

  2. hi virginia!! :) kelly told me about your blog and i had to come on over and check it out! so glad i did! i LOVE it!! you've got super sweet style!! i am LOVING this outfit and so wanna try the look out. those are great jeans and i love the way the sweater looks w/the belt and floral top underneath!
    i definitely am a BIT obsessed with clothes and accessories! ;)

    looking forward to following along.
    have a happy tuesday! <3

  3. (sorry, didn't mean to send just yet)
    ps-love your newest outfit!! saffron is one of my favorite colors!

  4. Maria! Thanks for checking out my blog. I've been stalking yours forever!! HA! I am a stalker by nature, it appears. You are regularly in my thoughts and prayers. So glad you stopped by. Thanks for the comments. My "great" jeans are my most expensive piece of apparel. I am obsessed with denim and about a year and a half ago I got in the best shape of my life and rewarded myself with them. NOW, I can hardly squeeze my cheeks in them but the long sweater helped. Thanks so much for your compliments!! It's so nice that you stopped by :)