Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanks What Not To Wear.

Today was a busy day and I wore a blah outfit. While my good friend Coreen reminded me that I promised I'd post pictures regardless, I honestly had little effort to even attempt to pose for a photograph. Instead I'd like to share something very informative I learned today on What Not To Wear. I've seen this episode quite a few times but today it seemed very relevant.

When deciding what to buy, consider the following. B.A.S.E.

B- Body. What apparel specifically fits your body type? How does your body look in it?
A- Appropriate. Is it age appropriate? If you can't answer this question, it is not.
S- Situation Appropriate. Where can you wear it? Work? School? Out with the girls?
E- Expense. The final equation is "cost per wear"? Is it worth the expense?

I love learning from Stacey and Clinton. I hope to share things that will rock your wardrobe too!

On a side note, I snatched up this adorable whipstitch handle tote bag at maurices today. I will photograph it later this week.


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