Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thanks for sticking around.

When I asked a friend the other day if I should get back to blogging she responded with a "YES!" Thank you for that. When I mentioned it to a new friend who has never followed she said, "You'd have so many new people to inspire." Thanks again for the inspiration.

I need to be frank. It's not that I stopped because I couldn't find time. It's simply that I stopped because I am a hugely competitive person. I am also very compulsive. Blogging took these two personality traits to a new level.

First, I knew my blog would never be like Kendi Everyday. And that annoyed me. Second, I was constantly looking to buy new things to show you (and you too) simply because I love to shop.

But all the way I realized a few things. My blog will never be like the blogs I follow. I do NOT have time for that level of blogging. In addition, I won't stop shopping. I can't. It's just what I do. So, this whole blogging thing will just allow me to share with you (and you too) the many outfits I put together from the multitudes of apparel that live in my four closets. Yes, you read that correctly.

So, here's what my new and improved blog will be about.

1) Consistent posts. Some days I might just provide you with food for thought. For example; Make a frothy evening dress day-friendly. Top it with a big, cozy cardigan.
2) Pictures. Some will be taken by another human (may be a my three year old niece). Many will be taken from my cell phone and will be blurry, grainy, and terrible. But, you'll get the point.
3) Link free. There will no longer be links to the apparel I am wearing. That took way too much time and was annoying. If you're interested just comment in the appropriate post and I will respond or email me at
4) About me :) More about me. My life. My day. My job, etc. The focus is changing so that the people who can't be a part of my life on a daily basis can get an idea of what is happening. The blog may get personal so if you're in it for the fashion, opt out now.

As I stated previously, thanks for sticking around. I'll be back tomorrow. I have an exciting outfit in mind. I am hoping it works out once I'm actually outfitted.

Much love <3,


  1. I'm sure you'll continue to be interesting. Good luck!

  2. welcome back!! So excited to read your new posts! I missed them!

  3. Thanks Maria! I'm enjoying yours much more ;)