Monday, October 1, 2012

Heading out for a ride.

Sunday is by far my most favorite day of the week. I love starting the day renewed at church. Feeling His Spirit fresh in my heart and ready to guide me through the week. When I have the entire day off it's so nice to be able to spend the whole day with my husband and family. This Sunday was no different.

The one thing that is different about Sundays off in the early fall are my apparel choices. Stay with me folks... it's not easy appearing fashionable and riding on the back of  a motorcycle with a helmet, leather jacket and chaps. So I prefer to stick with adorable boots, my fake Michael Kors sunnies, and a few extra layers. As soon as I arrive at my destination, the jacket and helmet come off.

Here's a peek into yesterdays apparel ...

Larger pictures to come. It's been so long, I completely forgot to how to make them big :( 

The motorcycle's name is Sophia. She's a HD Softtail. I love her. Love you guys too. Toodles.


  1. I never used to like Sundays, but am starting to now. I love chilling at home with my family and baking cookies :O) Lovely outfit. You layered really well.
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  2. That scarf is amazing and I need it in my life... Where did you get it!?
    Glad to see you back to blogging... I've missed ya..

  3. Forever 21!! Check it out. It's current.

  4. We always look forward to Sundays too!
    Lovin' those gray boots and fun scarf!