Thursday, February 23, 2012

My summer dress.

Denim Jacket: Gap
Dress: maurices
Belt: Gap
Boots: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Leggings: Old Navy

I am heading to Cancun this April (yahoo!) and I pictured this dress on the sandy shores of Mexico. Imagine an adorable straw hat, an adorable brightly colored flip flop or a trendy wedge. Yes, this dress will be packed.

In the meantime, I absolutely needed to wear it right now. So, out comes old faithful ... my denim jacket and this season's brown boots. Now I've created a wearable end of February look.
When did I become so clever you ask? Oh yesterday. A genie came to me and one of my wishes was for more fashion knowledge. I am saving the other two wishes for Cancun <3


  1. I feel that summer dresses are completely versatile. Yours is great, obviously.

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  3. Hello I love your blog!

    I've just awarded you the versatile blogger award!! go check out my blog for the info :-) xxx

  4. You are a genius. And I love this dress.

  5. I daydream of the day I can start pulling out my summer gear! Cute outfit, by the way. New follower and glad I found your little spot on the web:D Enjoy the weekend!

  6. This is one of my favorite looks on you!! I LOVE wearing summer dresses all year around! I love the pieces you incorporated with it...the denim jacket is super cute!
    You look ready to go to a fun bar! Cheers :)

    And Cancun! Yay! That's awesome...can't wait to see your posts afterwards!