Thursday, February 16, 2012

My trendy curtain.

Skirt: maurices (buy here)
Top: maurices (similar here and here)
Belt: maurices (buy here or another great option here)
Shoes: maurices (buy here)
Jewelry: Lia Sophia

This is absolutely one of those outfits that looks much better in person. Regardless, you deserve to know about a trend that is taking over the world ... The Maxi Skirt.

So let's talk about it. I am 5'4. I never in a million and a half years thought I could pull off a maxi skirt. But truth be told, a million years and a half years have passed and I've been proven wrong. SELF, get a hint. You're not always right!! In this case, I'm glad. I am glad to have found this gorgeous (and uber comfy) skirt. I am glad to have worn it today and felt like I was wearing my curtains to work. I am glad that I had the perfect shoes to go with it. I'm just glad. Period.

Are you feeling glad?


  1. I like that maxi. The stripes are pretty.

  2. I am always glad when I find a maxi skirt that fits me (being 5'3 and all) :)

  3. Cute skirt! :) xxx

  4. Love that skirt!

    I just realized I never answered your ? about the wide leg pants I wore a while back. I'm 5'6" and even with my 4" booties I wore that day the pants are super long. So I probably need to have them shortened a bit. :)

  5. Ohhhh classy and sexy! The shoes are the perfect fit for the look!
    I'm just a teeeeny but over 5'4...I know exactly what you mean!
    I love maxi dresses and only have one maxi skirt!
    I want to go shopping with you!! :)


  6. Oooh boy, you know how I feel about maxi skirts at 5'10"- I'm hoping it's a trend that will stick around for a while, for my sake. Totally in love with the skirt and the shoes are perfect!