Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blue, but that's not the way I'm feeling.

Blazer: maurices (similar here)
Shirt: Charlotte Russe (similar here... adorable)
Belt: Charlotte Russe (similar here)
Jeans: Silver Jeans Co. (here)
Shoes: maurices (here)

Sundays are my favorite for two reasons. The first reason is church. The second reason is football. What's better than Sunday football? The NFC (and AFC) title games. So today if you need me you'll find me on my couch. At points throughout the day I will probably be vigorously biting my nails or nervously playing with my phone. But I will be here. Wearing blue. All day.

This is my couch outfit. My silly (er, ugly) face. And my boxer girl. We cheer, Go Giants!


  1. The pictures look gorgeous in the snow! Love the wedges :)

  2. Yahooo! Go Giants! My husband came home not too long ago with such a big smile! He's team blue too! You're adorable. Those photos made me smile!
    Love the pop of yellow you added to your outfit!

  3. You know I love this...

    AND! Since your my sweet Giants loving bloggy friend.. I nominated you for an award today :) Stop by my blog and check it out!!!

  4. I love the first look! These booties are so cool!
    I'm your new follower!
    Greetings from Spain!