Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday are for sleeping in ...

Jacket: maurices (similar here)
Tee: Charlotte Russe (similar here)
Jeans: Silver Brand Co. (similar here)
Shoes: Rocket Dog (similar here)

I love sleep. I love sleep so much that I tend to hit snore so many times that my dogs start to get annoyed by it. I love this because I hear them sigh very loudly after about an hour of snoozing. Why don't I just stay asleep for an extra hour? What is about hitting that little button on your alarm that makes me feel so much better? I have no idea. What I do know is that I plan to sleep in tomorrow. That way you'll get a better outfit than today's outfit.

A little about this outfit. The jacket is very old but I love it so. I don't know if you can tell that it has a little puffed sleeve. Oddly enough I couldn't find a white tee but I found this well loved little number which looked just fine. Lastly, the belt buckle does not signify anything at all. It's just a cute little belt bucket that looks really good when I'm on the back of my husband's Harley Davidson. Yup, I am a Harley girl. More on that later.

Sweet dreams.
<3, V


  1. I am seriously in love with your jacket!!! Totally having closet envy right now...

  2. that jacket is adorable on you...i had one like that years ago too. why did i get rid of it?! i'm a big fan of puffy sleeves...i think they are so flattering. cute belt too!
    ohhh, a harley, that's so fun!
    i hope you get some good always have awesome outfits. i have yet to see a "bad" one and i doubt i will ever. :)

    thank you so much for the kind words and sweet tips! ;)

    1. It's so hard buying new things and then keeping all the old things. I am really bad about just ditching stuff I've only worn a few times because I've not worn it recently. My sister made out really well over the last holiday vacation. She was stoked!! FREE CLOTHES!!

      ... and you're welcome :O)

  3. LOL. Don't worry, I can sleep all weekend if I wanted to. Sleeping really is a hobby.

    Gorgeous outfit. I like how you paired the jeans with the tweed.

    1. Thank you!!

      I can gladly say that sleeping is a hobby I am sooooo good at!

  4. I am a rocket dog-aholic and I like it that way, cute outfit!