Thursday, December 29, 2011

Caught in a rut?

Cardigan: maurices (old)
Shirt: maurices
Crinkle cami: maurices
Jeggings: Pac Sun
Boots: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's

So, I've been blogging for nearly two months and it is safe to say I've not worn the same complete outfit since I started which is very interesting. It means I am pulling things out of the vault that I've not worn in a very, very long time. It also means I am continuing to purchase lots of new items to enhance my current wardrobe (that was not the reason I started this blog).

Something else has started to happen to my styling habits. I am feeling like every day is a battle to create the right outfit. It feels like all my outfits are blending together and I'm truly starting to realize that I need to think "outside the box". I guess I expected that this would happen. I just thought I had more of an eye for styling than I actually do.

All this said, along with all of my other many new year's resolutions, I am also resolving to enhance my wardrobe options and try new things with the pieces I own. Any additions I make to my current wardrobe will need to truly bring a change, or a new idea, to what already exists in my wardrobe. I am excited for change, excited for a challenge and very, very excited about the 2012.

How about you? What are working toward achieving or changing this year?


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog and am loving it! I agree, thinking out of the box with outfits is way more challenging than expected! I think I need to leave more time for dressing in the morning so I can come up with something new :)

  2. Thank you!! Let me know when you've started your own and I will be sure to follow it... It's so fun. In the meantime, feel free to "follow"! XOXO Virginia