Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shopping in a winter wonderland.

Everything but the leg warmers is maurices. Mostly old. Sweater is recent.
Leg warmers: Kohl's

This is one of those outfits that really is not blog worthy BUT I promised I would post these too.

Today completed my Christmas shopping. My husband asked for a 10 gallon stock pot. He needed it for brewing beer, of course. Well, every kitchen store I walked into literally laughed at me when I asked them if this was something they carried so I ended up at our local brew store. Alex, the proud owner knew my husband and exactly what I was looking for. He helped me find the stock pot and I told him that I would probably be back there later in the evening for a few more supplies with Vincent and to make sure he didn't mention my visit. He laughed and promised not to tell.

Later in the evening my husband and I met at the local brewery. As we were walking to our cars I just couldn't contain myself and I showed him his gift!! He was completely stoked and then we headed back to the brew store to pick up the ingredients for our next brew.

When we walked into the brew store I walked in first and blurted out, "Put two beers in me and I gave it all away!". Alex said, "Are you kidding me?? Well, Merry Christmas dude!" HA!!

That is my story. I hope you enjoy your holiday.



  1. Oh man, I can completely identify with the home brewing obsession. How have Vince's brew turned out? I'm sure they're amazing!

    ALSO, I am soooo looking for some cute legwarmers...I wish I had the cojones (and knowledge!) to knit some from scratch. Any advice in this department??

    PS You look so friggin cute! Merry Christmas!

  2. ohhhh, my husband would love your husband and love that present!! he loves him some beer!
    i have always loved those sweaters. brings me back. you're always so put together and pretty <3
    merry last week of 2011 <3