Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cover of J.Crew Magazine

Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Khakis: maurices
Shoes & Scarf: Kohl's

Isn't this amazing scenery? I felt like I was auditioning for J.Crew catalog cover (even though I am wearing Ralph Lauren). My in-laws basically live on a golf course which enabled some gorgeous scenery. The area gives me little room for being super stylish so I pulled out a few old favorites and potentially my new favorite shirt. I'm loving this "fall" weather and the sunshine.

Do you have a favorite designer that takes you back to your roots? Polo has a way of making me feeling sporty and stylish. Love it.



  1. UM WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously! These are amazing photos! You look fabulous! I've always loved J.Crew and Ann Taylor (for super dressy work stuff). But, I like want to print these out as artwork on my walls! LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS!

  2. gorgeous photos!!! i want to be there now ;)
    your outift is so classic. i love stripes. they look great with the pants and scarf. i love how you mix it up! it's so much fun to wear a different look each day <3