Friday, December 9, 2011

Layering it up ...

I didn't mean to disappear. I'm in the middle of a wonderful early Christmas vacation and it's been impossible to photograph photos of any worth without great lighting.

All that said, I'm vacationing in PA with my parents and had the luxury of a guest photographer. My bother, Scott McKenna. When he's not a musician, he has a great eye and it was super fun having him in the midst of my wardrobe. I love my family!!

A little about this outfit. I'm wearing multiple layers and I don't think they show very well. The cardigan is a new favorite. The floral piece underneath the cardigan is from Target and looks nothing like it does in this photograph. And who doesn't need a sequins tank every now and then ... I loved the way it turned out.

Happy December friends. What is your favorite holiday piece?



  1. The outfit is adorable, your hair is beautiful and so are you :) Hope you are having fun!!

  2. That cardigan is a gorgeous color. Love it layered over the floral blouse!


  3. U iz a cutie pie! I think I have seen that blouse at target, and I had no idea how to wear it. How super cute!

  4. Thank you ladies!!

    Kelly, Maria has the skirt from Target too. You've seen it on her blog as well :)